While there are valid arguments for governments to operate "more like businesses", agencies will always have a unique dynamic with the constituents they serve. We support that dynamic not simply by applying commercial practices, but by helping our government clients to thoughtfully explore the intent of these practices.

Strategy Compass helps local, state and federal governments to translate that intent and deliver greater value to the individuals, businesses and other government organizations you serve. We focus on identifying straight-forward approaches for efficiency, effectiveness and innovation within your teams by helping you to:

  • Re-think interactions and service delivery models for your individual and institutional constituents.

  • Identify options for better aligning staff teams to constituent and operational needs.

  • Guide program delivery and process improvement efforts to faster, measurable results.

  • Evaluate how to better identify, understand and use metrics and data to manage your mission.

  • Explore alternatives to current state operations to help stay ahead of evolving constituent needs.

  • Support and coach emerging leaders as they take on greater responsibility and accountability.


Our success with government organizations includes:

  • Helping two Assistant Secretaries within the executive office of a $900+B federal department to assess and develop action plans for gaps between current staff capabilities and future operational needs.
  • Supporting a Deputy Assistant Secretary to align operational resources for a new headquarters service organization by better understanding the needs of internal and executive constituents at subsidiary agencies.
  • Directing program management office activities for a major healthcare transformation, and coordinating efforts among clinical, administrative and technology staff to mitigate risks to quality and continuity of service for military veterans and their families.
  • Leading consulting teams within the financial management office of a $4B federal agency to significantly reduce the risk of improper payments and increase accuracy of reconciliation for $1.2MM annually.
  • Driving operational improvement for a $460MM defense agency by developing an integrated analytics process that identified previously unseen gaps in customer service response ownership.

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