Constituents challenge non-profits to keep them engaged as active participants in the mission and to justify their financial support, year after year. Our non-profit clients trust us to strengthen that exchange of value with their supporters, to increase their teams' capabilities, and to make the most of their available resources.

Strategy Compass positions our non-profit clients for sustainable growth by applying our proven leadership at large non-profits, plus the lessons we've learned from helping for-profit organizations stay ahead of customer needs.

We've re-shaped organizations, created profitable multi-channel revenue programs, and perhaps most importantly, we’ve trained leaders and staff to become more efficient, capable and confident in their abilities. We help our non-profit clients find ways to more easily manage and scale operations, and give their teams the breathing room to create new value by:

  • Providing Boards and Executives actionable perspective on the operations needed to deliver returns on their budget investments.

  • Helping leaders to see how their roles intersect through the constituent experience, and to re-envision how they coordinate to deliver value.

  • Identifying and building on staff strengths to coach, train and enable the next generation of organizational leaders.

  • Adjusting the operational landscape of business processes, systems and supporting vendors to increase effectiveness and reduce cost.

  • Designing, testing and launching marketing programs that engage constituents through revenue and non-monetary interactions.

  • Supporting operational teams through the short-term pain of change, and to achieve a more effective and easier to manage future state.

Our success with non-profit organizations includes:

  • Helping a $90MM organization better prepare to meet its growth goals by using existing budgets to improve the mix of vendors, systems and processes needed to deliver expanded operational capacity, enhanced analytics capabilities and exceptional constituent service.
  • Working with the Board and Executive team of a global association to create an actionable, multi-year marketing and communications strategy to expand brand exposure, grow membership and increase revenue from partners and sponsors.
  • Restructuring a tactically challenged but strategically valuable subsidiary company within a $100MM non-profit enterprise to reduce operating costs by $2MM annually, integrate people and processes, and better position content-based product offerings to generate revenue.
  • Training executive teams from Marketing, Development, Finance, IT and mission-based Operations in operational improvement techniques, and coaching them as they identify and manage improvement projects.
  • Designing and launching digital marketing programs that achieved 100% year-over-year growth in four consecutive years, and implementing segmentation strategies to increase profit margins by 33%.
  • Helping a public university create a proof of concept distance education lab as the flagship node of a larger pilot program of the state's $2.9B university system.

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