At the end of an engagement, we want our clients' teams to be better positioned to continue on their path towards growth and value. We focus on transferring knowledge throughout our projects, and support our clients in helping to build and train teams who are more confident, capable and accountable for the organization's success.

Our experiences helping organizations to turn their teams' existing strengths into lasting results include:

  • Training and coaching executives from across all functional areas of a large non-profit organization to integrate process and operational improvement techniques into their management approach.

  • Helping senior executives of a large federal department to understand and address employee satisfaction challenges as key components to driving operational improvement efforts.

  • Designing a recruiting and training plan based on the target characteristics and experiences needed to launch and deliver an innovative service offering for a specialized consulting organization.
  • Integrating staff performance metrics, expectations and individual growth plans into the multi-year growth strategy of a successful professional services firm.
  • Supporting a federal executive to align existing staff to their revised operational responsibilities as a newly created internal service organization.

  • Training, coaching and supporting senior, mid-level and junior professionals at a market-leading global consultancy to develop their career paths in a way that balances the needs of the organization with their needs for personal growth and reward.