We identify with our clients' desire to solve complex organizational problems, and help them to better define current state challenges, understand future state needs, and identify effective options for navigating between the two.

We focus on developing approaches that are realistic given an organization's available resources, and impactful based on the intent of the improvement effort. Our experiences helping organizations to guide their teams' actions towards tangible value include:

  • Helping a large non-profit organization to increase operational capacity and improve quality for marketing fulfillment, customer service and analytics by leveraging existing budgets to adjust the processes, systems and vendors supporting their business.

  • Guiding leaders from multiple lines of business at a national healthcare provider to re-envision an improved customer service experience and create a functioning, cloud-based prototype in five weeks with enhanced functionality, clear access to customer data and improved process coordination between lines of business.

  • Leading Finance, Legal, IT, Marketing and Operational executives to plan and execute the restructuring of a $2MM subsidiary company by integrating people and processes, divesting un-needed assets, and avoiding negative impacts to customers during and after the transition.

  • Overseeing program management for a healthcare systems transformation, including mitigating risks to quality of care and continuity of service, and identifying improvements for more effective coordination of patient data.

  • Helping a federal agency to increase reconciliation accuracy for $1.2MM annually and significantly reduce the risk of improper payments by implementing new financial process and systems controls.

  • Analyzing previously "silo'd" Supply- and Demand-Chain data for an international logistics organization to identify unseen gaps in customer issue and response ownership within the organization.

  • Leading strategic research and analysis to explore the financial, operational and customer satisfaction impacts of health reform legislation on a national care provider network.