An introduction for:


Thank you for taking a moment to check us out. Our goal for this introduction is simple: we are interested in helping NEA MB support and strengthen your teams as they engage and serve educators and their families.

Until we find the time and opportunity to directly provide that support, we'd love to start the conversation by providing a little information about ourselves:

  1. We're Great at Building Strong Teams.  Our focus on "coaching while doing" deepens the trust that our clients place in us to work with their teams. We have built and run large scale service delivery organizations, and apply those accomplishments and lessons learned as we advise and support our consulting clients.
  2. We Have Expertise Supporting Constituent-Centric Organizations.  Our experiences span commercial B2C companies, membership based 501c3 organizations, and large federal agencies that directly provide healthcare, insurance and education benefits to their constituents. We use that breadth of knowledge to help our clients think through options and approaches that accelerate the value they deliver to their constituents.
  3. We're a Small Firm with a Deep Bench.  We're proud of the skills and experience we earned at large, globally-respected consultancies. We are equally happy to now provide services on a scale that allows for a more personalized approach, and the thoughtful connection of our team's diverse competencies.

We've provided some highlights of our consulting and professional accomplishments below, and please feel free to check out the rest of our site to get a feel for who we are and what we do.

We hope to continue the conversation with you soon.

Best regards,

Sean Conaton (

Some highlights of our recent work:

  • Working with National Audubon Society's executive team, we supported a major systems and operations transformation spanning Membership, Chapter Services, Customer Service and Publication functions.
  • As an off-shoot of this work, Audubon’s COO asked our principal and a Strategy Compass team member to conduct a series of interviews with their executive leadership team. These interviews culminated in a facilitated session that provided key insights for Membership and Revenue growth, to be used as inputs into Audubon’s strategic plan refresh.
  • We led operational improvement projects at The Nature Conservancy and Resources for the Future to help each client increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their constituent engagement through digital channels. Leveraging process mapping and analysis techniques and a series of facilitated working sessions, we helped TNC's and RFF's teams to develop, own and execute action plans for operational improvement.
  • Working with the Executive Director and the Board, we helped the Association of Change Management Professionals develop a marketing and communications strategy centered on the concept of finding the right balance between the association's services and benefits to members, and the cost of member dues and education fees.

Before Strategy Compass, we led some great teams on the client-side of life and with larger consulting firms:

  • As Director of Constituent Operations at National Wildlife Federation, our principal led the integration of a strategically valuable but tactically challenged for-profit subsidiary company. The project saved $2MM in annual operating budget, with no negative impacts to end-customers. He was also tapped by the COO to educate and support senior staff in business planning and operational improvement techniques.
  • A senior Strategy Compass team member (with the support of several of us who worked for him at the time) led the creation of a new service delivery practice within a Big 4 consultancy. This practice ultimately grew to 400+ people, $115+MM in revenues, and integrated Strategy, Process and Human Capital consulting solutions.
  • While at Deloitte Consulting, our principal led the rapid prototyping of a Virtual Contact Center for the Department of Veterans of Affairs. He helped leaders and subject matter experts from across the VA to visualize and integrate the functional requirements of health care delivery, insurance services and education benefits into a framework focused on delivering value and positive experiences to veterans and their families.