Sometimes value isn't so much about a revenue goal as it is figuring out how to get a team moving forward. Whether it's lack of day-to-day breathing room or too many good ideas in search of a starting point, our clients value how we listen, observe and identify actions to get their teams operating effectively.

Any good consultant facilitates. We're great at helping to make things easy and to move ideas forward because we:

  • Conduct the research and due diligence that gives your team the details and context they need for a productive discussion.
  • Design meetings for the thoughtful, creative exploration of ideas and issues, with enough structure to keep your team on-target.
  • Guide concepts into tangible actions, and capture meeting outcomes as engaging visuals that focus follow-on efforts.

We apply our experience, judgement and common sense to make your team's time and effort productive and, where we can, fun.

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"You should..." is an easy thing for a consultant to say. Our combined experiences as 'in-house' leaders and as consulting advisors help us to instead focus on "Here's what we can do, and here's how we're going to get it done." We help your teams to operate more effectively because we take the time to:

  • Observe, discuss and "do" with them to understand the realities of current operations.
  • Share ideas, define and map alternatives through work products that are relevant, engaging and actionable.
  • Act as the skilled "extra set of hands" to focus, guide and support operational transitions and improvements.

We are thoughtful advisors, but we also genuinely love to roll up our sleeves and help to get the work done. It's a great way for us to provide you value, and for us to learn from your team as we work alongside them.

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Ok, we're going to ask your forgiveness for using a buzz-word, simply because "innovate" is a really important one. The breadth of our experience means that we've seen a lot of different business models and types of teams. That perspective helps us to set the stage for your team's ability to:

  • Thoughtfully explore, clarify and focus the new ideas that will reinvigorate your customer relationships and internal operations.
  • Find the strengths within your organization that will help you to plan more effectively, act with greater agility and operate more efficiently.
  • Test, learn from and evolve their ideas, to turn improvement into an ongoing part of how they perform.

We love helping to find the right balance between the structure, process and consistency required of effective operations, and the breathing room and creative energy that new ideas need to flourish and take root.

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